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Pre - shipment inspection,Full inspection,Container loading supervision、Fachtory audit、Trade sourcing......
  • Tiansheng Product Quality Inspection Co.,LTD
  • Tiansheng Product Quality Inspection Co.,LTD
  • Tiansheng Product Quality Inspection Co.,LTD
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Full inspection
Random inspection
Quality tracking
Container loading supervision
Fachtory audit
Trade sourcing
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Address: Room2009,2th floor,SuBo Bld,No12 Guanzhang west road,Zhangmutou town,Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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TS(Tiansheng Product Quality Inspection Co.,LTD) is a 3rd party company providing Product Inspection、Factory EvaluationPer-production InspectionPer-shipment InspectionDuring Production InspectionContainer Loading Supervision and Corporate Quality Management Consulting services to such multinational buyers export trading companies and domestic enterprises.
TS(Tiansheng Product Quality Inspection Co.,LTD) have serious、responsible、 experienced professional inspection team,TS company is located in the center of Guangdong . Our service network with Guangdong as the center,radiating Jiangxi、Guangxi,、Fujian、Jiangsu、Zhejiang、Shanghai、Shandong、Anhui、Sichuan、Henan and other places。

The products we inspect including: home textile、bags、crafts gifts、mobile phone hanging ornament、daily necessities 、small accessories、plastics、footwear、hardware、ceramics、wood furniture、packaging、artware、industrial、electronic toys、groceries products and other industries.

Service Item:

  • Full Check: product 100% inspection , products are mainly exported to Japan market
  • Per-shipment inspection:According to the order information and international AQL standard to inspection the products, Sampling inspection standard level by the guest Designate or determined according to the commodity characteristics.
  • During-Production inspection:To assist the guest to the specified factory scene to control commodity production schedule, quality and other anomalies.
  • Container Loading Supervision:According to the customer designated place for loading Supervision.
  • Factory Audit:Inspect the factory working conditions、production conditions、facilities、manufacturing equipment、quality assurance 、Number of management and workers.
The role of the inspection service:
  • Inspection the supplier of goods is in line with the national laws and regulations or the relevant national standards of quality requirements.
  • In a timely manner to avoid the delay in delivery and product defects, in time take the emergency and remedial measures.
  • To reduce and avoid due to receive inferior product consumer complaints、 return the inferior goods and the loss of business reputation.
  • Reduce the damages caused by inferior products, the risk of administrative punishmen.
  • To verify the quality and quantity of the goods, to avoid contract disputes.
  • Compare and choose the best suppliers and get the relevant information and advice.

Bussiness:full inspection、Random inspection、Quality tracking、Container loading supervision、Fachtory audit、Trade sourcing.
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