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Pre - shipment inspection,Full inspection,Container loading supervision、Fachtory audit、Trade sourcing......
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Full inspection
Random inspection
Quality tracking
Container loading supervision
Fachtory audit
Trade sourcing
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Based on customer demand, our business personnel reply to corresponding problems, understand the basic situation of our company and scope of services provided.

Let the customer understand the required services whether can help customers to solve the problem.


If you want to know our company’s information, such as: company structure, product quality awareness, services and products that we had inspected. We would like to send messages to you by mails or invite you to a meeting. Then confirm the quote sheet and check the inspection requirements. our quote based on your choice of service, inspection sites, etc.

The orders issued

Formal inspection, please book 3 days in advance, then send the order details to us, such as product information 、Factory、inspection standard, If emergency occurs, we will have further special arrangements.

In the scheduled date, our qc will go to the factory for inspection. We will check the products quality, qty, packing, etc. based on your request.

Packaging supervision

In allusion to the full inspection, according to the guests to provide packing method, supervision and to confirm the safety of the packaging process, the correctness of the number, prevent bad product mix with the good product,such as insects, short-ship of the phenomenon

The inspection report
Check all of the products in the factory, our QC will issue the inspection in the field.the second day, our sales will send the inspection report by mails with images. Japanese, English, Chinese can be choose in your convenience. We will tell you the actual product production, product quality.

Bussiness:full inspection、Random inspection、Quality tracking、Container loading supervision、Fachtory audit、Trade sourcing.
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